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I grew up having no confidence whatsoever in wearing skirts, dresses and shorts – basically those that show the legs and all. Going all “ay, ‘di naman 'to bagay sa akin eh” or “my sister would just end up teasing me on how ugly I am”. 

Three years ago, I wrote a blog post about growing up as a kid with a really low self-esteem that I never had the confidence to wear dresses, skirts, and shorts -- basically anything that exposes my legs. Other than that, I've always worn boyish clothes when I was younger and wearing those pretty clothes I'd see in boutiques all seemed like a dream that I can never reach. Fast forward to my so-called tween years, I slowly came out of my shell. I joined go-see's, started wearing this one dress and skirt, and I finally learned how to smile with my teeth.

Now, why am I retelling my story on confidence? As much as it makes me cringe (with the addition of a collage of the first few dresses I wore), I realized that building up my confidence as I continued to blog 3 years ago made me who I am now. The thing about building up one's confidence will always depend on how much you appreciate yourself and how less other people's opinions would matter to you -- because who else can bring you up or down other than yourself?

With the influx of #goals of all kinds of things -- #hairgoals, #bodygoals, #relationshipgoals, and the list goes on -- what we should really consider as a goal is basically the goal to shape a better version of ourselves.

Being able to fully believe in yourself and say that you're beautiful isn't something to be ashamed of. Narcissism aside, the ability to compliment yourself can feel really comforting because you're embracing who you are. Self-acceptance can be a difficult thing for some, but no matter how long the process would be for it to happen, it's okay. It can take days, weeks, months, years -- but as long as you're actually doing something in order to achieve something, you're on the right track.  

And like what 2012 Celina said: Always remember that you are beautiful. Yes, you.

Photos by Alyssa Roxas


This was actually shot last February at Cafe Travel along Taft! It was for a "pre-debut shoot" for my friend Aly's photography class.  I've been wanting to post these photos for a long time now but I promised myself that I'll publish them once I move to Blogspot -- here they are now! Yay
6 comments on "Confidence"
  1. I love this (and you, just the way you are hihi), Celina! Miss you lots <3

    1. Aww HUHU thank you, Keith!! It means a lot ;__; Miss you too ♥♥ See you soooooon

  2. Miss Celina, I have the same experience with the wearing skirts and dresses thing, I have a very low self confidence (noon). Reading this post is so empowering. And you are really pretty on the photos :)

    1. It felt really draining before, no? Like the feeling of wanting to dress up prettily but your low self-esteem drains everything out of you :( But I'm glad it's all in the past for both of us now. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! :)

  3. <3 <3 <3 I love you and this post and your blog layout <3 <3 <3