Work in Progress

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July 2, 2015

Today, I decided to check out my blog again -- Celina the Unicorn on Tumblr. I went to all 116 pages filled with the thoughts and low-quality iTouch photos of a blogger who started exposing her life to the internet in 2011. And how every blogger has put their best foot forward on the internet, I used both. My blog was basically filled with things I've always wanted to share but couldn't verbally. I found ramblings about how difficult school was, thoughts about my life, and I saw bits and pieces of myself with every text, photo, video, and audio post. 

What I've shown for the past three years are things that I've always been shy and afraid of showing to other people before. I guess being able to publish small details of my life and interacting with strangers-turned-online-friends paved the way to Celina the Unicorn. I was known for being the girl who looked 14 when in fact she's actually 16 -- but maybe it was because she wore frilly skirts and had a photoshoot with a gigantic teddy bear.

Through Celina the Unicorn, I was able to express myself in ways I didn't imagine I could do.

For the past months, I've been reading so much inspiring blog posts from my favorite bloggers and I'd always ask myself: when will I be able to blog again? I realized that the physical qualities of my blog could be done some other time -- that the only thing (or person, rather) stopping me from blogging again was none other than myself. 

So, why the sudden move? Given the circumstances, I'd say that Tumblr and I didn't really work out and I just wanted a breather from it. I was kept unmotivated for the entire 2014 that I'd only post something once or twice a month. Finally moving to Blogspot, I'm hoping to be able to create blog posts that I'll be able to happily look back to in the next few years. This move is somehow like an overused Prang to me -- when some of the colors are empty already, I keep the casing and purchase new refills. You'll just have to clean the casing again and put the news ones -- just like what I'm doing right now. My blogging platform has changed but I'm still keeping Celina the Unicorn with me.

My blog was simply a work in progress. And it still is.

First two photos (from In My Imagination) are by Eri Ranchez

Life Update

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It took me more than a decade to actually go out of my comfort zone and wear things I’ve always wanted to wear without fearing what other people would think. Yesterday, I told my friend how my blog began and how I loved to dress up so cutesy (or kawaii) with all the pastel-colored clothes, frilly tutu skirts, and bows everywhere and it made me realize how it’s been a while since I’ve done so. So on a boring Saturday afternoon, I’ve decided to go back to my old ways of going back and forth from the camera to our white wall. 
I’m wearing a super kawaii unicorn shirt I received from the sweet owners of Elle PoupeeHow could I actually say no to a unicorn shirt, right? I’ve been a huge fan of their shop for years now and it’s amazing how they continue to create such creative things. You can check out their kawaii shirt collection on their Facebook page.

The Gathering Season by Reese Lansangan

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I know I'm a few weeks late to post this but I definitely can't miss blogging about it. Last October 4, the amazing "kawaii sushi" Reese Lansangan opened her first solo exhibit The Gathering Season at Heima Brixton.

MIBF 2014

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Last September 21, I attended the 35th Manila International Book Fair at SMX along with my friend, Cheska.

I was able to snag two books — "After Dark" by Haruki Murakami and "Please Look After Mom" by Kyungsook Shin. A few days before the event, I actually finished reading “Norwegian Wood” which kind of explains why I purchased another one of his books — Post-Haruki Murakami vibes~ As for the latter book, it was an impulse purchase and a quick judgment on its title, plot, and book cover. It was pretty coincidental to have both books form one face.


Kawaii in Manila 2

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Last Saturday, I attended the first Kawaii convention in the Philippines and to make-up for my short blog post feature about it, this blog post will contain more things about what really happened during the event!

Kawaii has always been a term I’d always mutter and a word that can pretty much say a lot of things about myself. Kawaii is a lifestyle that I’ve grown with from all the anime I used to watch as soon as I get home from school; from the Japanese dramas I’ve watched; and from the things I’d only see on my computer screen. Kawaii wasn’t only a word for me, not just a lifestyle, but something that pushed me to enthuse about and to influence others to not just perceive it as a word as well.
I’ve had numerous sabaw conversations with Ate Kaila Ocampothe co-founder of Kawaii Philippines, for years now and we’ve talked about her life in Japan, her blog, and sometimes (if a serious topic was brought up): her plans for the future. I’ve probably said this several times already but having Kawaii in Manila 2 happen right before my eyes felt so surreal. To have someone(very close to my hearts)’s dreams come to reality didn’t only give happiness to the person herself but to myself and to other people who shared the same dream as well.