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Last November, I collaborated with online fashion shopping platform StyleWe where I talked about  a few of my favorite pieces from their collections.

This time I'll be sharing with you guys a few of my new favorite pieces, as well as exciting new things from this amazing brand!

Annakiki Denim Overalls / See also: White Overalls

These denim overalls really caught my eye while scrolling through their website. I loved the form and how relatable the message on the suspenders were. Haha! I'd definitely wear them (if only I was taller!) 

Their cotton tunic tops and off-shoulder tops are also a must-buy

What amazes me about StyleWe is how much they offer to their customers. Not only do they own an online shopping site, they also handle a blog filled with tips on style, beauty, and lifestyle! I've been into skin care products lately and their article Is Vaseline good for the face? was one of my favorites since I always use petroleum jelly on my usually dry face.

StyleWe never fails to amaze me every time 

This is a sponsored post.

Japan 2015

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Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
December 2015

Celina the Unicorn x SEVENTEEN GIVEAWAY

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For the past months I've been keeping a fandom account on Twitter and being surrounded by so many lovely Carats made me realize how precious of a fandom Seventeen truly has. As a way of giving back to all the positivity and motivation both Seventeen and Carats have shared; and in celebration of Seungcheol/S.coups' birthday, I'm hosting a giveaway in collaboration with two brands that are very close to my heart ♡ 

We'll be giving away One (1) Seventeen Phone Candy from CandySky + One (1) Seventeen Cap from Seoulstice! [for the phone candy: you may check the Phone Model list]

Slipping Into the Diamond Life (ft. CandySky)

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I haven't really published anything related to K-pop on my blog.... Until now. I've always been kind of subtle in showing my interest to this genre online but I'm actually just your usual fangirl who watches tons of videos of attractive boys. 

Okay, moving on. 


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I'm almost two months late but, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I remember going to trick-or-treat events when I was younger and I always used just one costume every year - a witch. I don't think I had a say on who I wanted to be then and all that mattered to me was the candies I'll be able to collect. But I do remember dressing-up as Barbie and joining this contest where I had to walk on a runway... I didn't win, though...... moving on. I think I only had did trick-or-treats thrice in my entire life, and that was when I was a kid. Growing up, I never got to experience it again with my friends (as a tween or a teenager.) I was either too lazy or... just lazy, really. 

Last October 30th, I was finally able to dress-up on a Halloween afternoon and I celebrated it with my Kawaii Philippines family for their first Halloween party: The Kawaii Halloween Costume Party! And guess what I dressed up as? 

TA-DAH! A Christmas ornament! 
Now, let me explain. Initially, I was supposed to be a sparkly unicorn with a fabulous and equally sparkly unicorn horn, but things happened and I opted to dress-up as something else instead. Thus, a Christmas ornament - OR Hello Kitty Celebrating Her 50th Anniversary (- Anne Kate Pinero, 2015) 

I'd have to admit that I wasn't prepared for the party and I just really wanted to wear this sparkly dress that has been buried inside my closet for the past 2 years. AND Halloween is the best time to wear it because no one's going to question you and your choice of wardrobe.

When I got to Staple & Perk, the place was packed! I was welcomed with a really warm and welcoming atmosphere and it felt so nice to see so much happy people from the Kawaii Philippines community dressed up in their spookiest-but-still-cute outfits. ♡ The Kawaii PH team also prepared fun games for everyone.

We had Trip to [Hell] (which was such a cute name, don't you think? Haha) and I joined but almost backed out when they said that we had to dance... Therefore I was dancing awkwardly, but was able to survive until we were only 5, I think? Or was that 4? 
AND the Couple of the #KawaiiPHHalloweenParty goes to Naomi of naomilku & her boyfriend, Nikolai!! So cute, this couple. So cute. 

We also had charades, and I don't know what Naomi and I were talking about when this photo was taken but I just find this photo really cute  

The last game was making plastic balloons! It definitely brought everyone back to their childhood. I remember making my own when I was a kid but I was always such a noob at it (lol)

During the break, we also had Ulzzang Pistol / Zeon Gomez and his girlfriend, the Kawaii Philippines Ambassadress, Gia Canta perform! They're such a cute duo huhu my kokoro 

It has always been so fun to be in Kawaii PH events because you know that every person in the room shares the same interest with you. It was fun playing games and laughing with everyone even though we didn't even know each other personally - because that's what the Kawaii PH community is. It spreads positivity and it empowers us to express ourselves without having to worry about the judgment of others. 
After the event, we took advantage of Staple and Perk's amazing lighting + white brick walls to take outfit shots! (YES, finally, a new outfit post.) 

(Honestly, I'm not used to posing for outfit shots anymore huhuhu so awkward *hides*)
Sequins on sequins HIHI

Gold Sequins Dress from ROMWE | Black Boots from SHOE CULT by NASTY GAL | Sequined Unicorn Drawstring bag from Claire's | Handmade Crocheted Bow by Ida Siasoco / The GTE Shop

Many thanks to my favorite sabaw buddy/fab photographer THE Anne Kate Pinero - who's actually the co-founder of Kawaii PH - for taking my outfit photos and my future Christmas profile picture HIHI 

I don't have proper photos with everyone but I would also like to send all my sparkly love to the Kawaii Philippines team for organizing such a fun event! ♡ Kaila Ocampo/Rainbowholic ♡ Chichi Romero/Little Miss Paintrbush ♡Kaye Romeo/Dolly Kaye ♡ Mikee Yboa >♡ Francis Clemente >♡♡ 

Also thank you to Kawaii Philippines for the rest of the photos