[REVIEW] Etude House: Bubble Hair Color in Lavender Brown

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Ever since I was young, I've always wondered how I'd look if I had my hair colored. From anime to K-pop, these things are what pushed my interest in coloring my mane. Other than that, bloggers like Reese Lansangan and Tricia Gosingtian are also a few of the people who have influenced me through their numerous hair color changes for the past years.

Colored hair wasn't allowed in my Alma Mater, and even though almost everyone in my batch were itching to get their hair colored, we couldn't. So as soon as I graduated from High School, I immediately bought myself hair color. Hehe.


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I grew up having no confidence whatsoever in wearing skirts, dresses and shorts – basically those that show the legs and all. Going all “ay, ‘di naman 'to bagay sa akin eh” or “my sister would just end up teasing me on how ugly I am”. 

Three years ago, I wrote a blog post about growing up as a kid with a really low self-esteem that I never had the confidence to wear dresses, skirts, and shorts -- basically anything that exposes my legs. Other than that, I've always worn boyish clothes when I was younger and wearing those pretty clothes I'd see in boutiques all seemed like a dream that I can never reach. Fast forward to my so-called tween years, I slowly came out of my shell. I joined go-see's, started wearing this one dress and skirt, and I finally learned how to smile with my teeth.

Beyond the Cutest Dreams: THE KAWAII PH BOOK LAUNCH

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Rainbows, clouds, and flowers made of balloons, catchy Japanese music, and people of all ages filled the SM Megamall Events Center last June 17, 2015. What for, you ask? Kawaii Philippines finally launched their first book! With the whole Kawaii PH community working hand-in-hand to create one amazing book, all their hard work has finally paid off with an event that celebrates a milestone for everyone. 

Work in Progress

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July 2, 2015

Today, I decided to check out my blog again -- Celina the Unicorn on Tumblr. I went to all 116 pages filled with the thoughts and low-quality iTouch photos of a blogger who started exposing her life to the internet in 2011. And how every blogger has put their best foot forward on the internet, I used both. My blog was basically filled with things I've always wanted to share but couldn't verbally. I found ramblings about how difficult school was, thoughts about my life, and I saw bits and pieces of myself with every text, photo, video, and audio post. 

Life Update

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It took me more than a decade to actually go out of my comfort zone and wear things I’ve always wanted to wear without fearing what other people would think. Yesterday, I told my friend how my blog began and how I loved to dress up so cutesy (or kawaii) with all the pastel-colored clothes, frilly tutu skirts, and bows everywhere and it made me realize how it’s been a while since I’ve done so. So on a boring Saturday afternoon, I’ve decided to go back to my old ways of going back and forth from the camera to our white wall. 
I’m wearing a super kawaii unicorn shirt I received from the sweet owners of Elle PoupeeHow could I actually say no to a unicorn shirt, right? I’ve been a huge fan of their shop for years now and it’s amazing how they continue to create such creative things. You can check out their kawaii shirt collection on their Facebook page.